Sushi Dai Bekkan


Near Tsukiji Market, this is where I had my first piece of kinmedai, and I haven’t been the same since. You can imagine  how easy it is for the chefs here to source the world’s best seafood; they trim, slice and form pieces into the most elegant nigiri and maki. But sushi is all about the rice, and at Dai Bekkan, their shokunin really know what they’re doing. We were taken here by a friend who used to be a fishmonger at Tsukiji, so there’s no question about its authenticity. As casual and everyday as this place looks, it will instantly rank among your top three sushi experiences in the world (assuming you’ve never been to Japan before).

Sushi Dai Bekkan

6-13-3 Tsukiji, Chūō-ku, Tokyo; +81 3-3547-6797

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