Yuet Wah Hui Seafood Restaurant


Known for one thing – the Hong Kong typhoon shelter crab, with mounds of chopped, roasted garlic and chilies – this casual restaurant, located in the Wan Chai District, isn’t cheap. But I had never seen this preparation before. The garlic and chilies serve as a dry rub of sorts, for the enormous crab that is steamed to order. They can then be used to flavor rice and other dishes. You end up choosing your crab before your meal, but don’t let your eyes do the ordering, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a hefty tab. Make sure you understand the price per kilo ahead of time.

Yuet Wah Hui Seafood Restaurant

Shop B, G/F, 405-419 Lockhart Road,, Wan Chai, Hong Kong‎; (+852) 2591 6803

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