Kau Kee


While traipsing around Hong Kong, tweeting from every dim sum parlor I could find, I saw two important messages from friends: “Go to Kau Kee,” said Chicago Tribune food writer Kevin Pang. “Life-changing,” added “Bizarre Foods” Host Andrew Zimmern. So guess what? I cancelled dinner at some swanky place in Kowloon, and made my way to the Central District, where a tiny, ramshackle joint lit by fluorescent bulbs and jammed with locals beckoned with the aroma of beefy brisket steeped in a heady broth, accented with lovely e-fu egg noodles. “Can we please come back tomorrow night?” asked my then 12 year old son. Enough said.

Kau Kee

21 Gough St., Hong Kong; (852) 2850 5967

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