Happy Lobster Truck

Something You Should Eat

Food trucks are a fleeting business in Chicago, and depend on good weather (when was the last time you saw a truck on Wacker Dr. in December?) We’ve had a streak of great days, however, and I had a chance to visit the Happy Lobster Truck recently, making its usual stop in The Loop, during lunchtime. The competition is fierce along South Clark Street, but I was glad we ended up going: this isn’t a traditional lobster roll (with a split-top, side-griddled New England-style bun), but rather, more of a lobster burger/sandwich; the simple buns, buttered and griddled on the inside, plus a lot of fresh Maine lobster meat, lightly dressed in melted butter, with only the bottom of the top bun barely coated in mayo. It’s a little pricey for a quick Loop lunch, but damn worth it. They also sell very good whoopie pies. (photo and video by Todd Rosenberg Photography @toddrphoto).

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